Über uns

From a modest wood cabin to a modern superstore

In three generations Gruber Sport in Pontresina has become one of the most important addresses for sporting goods in Engadine where you will find the best gear for summer and winter sports. Our range of fashionable and functional sportswear by leading brands leaves no wishes unfulfilled. The huge selection of mountain and trekking shoes is very much appreciated by loyal customers from near and far. In our store you will also find a great selection of ice axes, climbing sets, climbing helmets and crampons.

We successfully completed a thorough renovation and expansion of our facilities in December 2008. Heidi and Andy Gruber with their experienced staff are looking forward to welcoming you in our spacious new facilities.

According to our motto "good advise makes happy customers" we are looking forward to your next visit.


Andy Gruber

Manager and team leader, licensed skiing instructor.
Hobbies: Skiing, tennis, mountaineering, hunting and fishing, family, travel.

Heidi Gruber

The good soul of the business. Mother of Cilgia, Madlaina and Donat.
Hobbies: active gymnast, social services in the town life, skiing and tennis.

Max Almeida

Workshop Manager – specialist for perfectly tuned skis and snowboards. During the summer: mountaineering and footwear sales. At Grubers since 1991.
Hobbies: music (voice, ukulele), biking, cross-country skiing, soccer, active in various clubs.

Gabi Etter

Retail expert, specialising in consulting and purchasing textiles. In charge of trainees and expert for store window dressing. At Grubers since 1995.
Hobbies: Nature - enjoys peace, sauna, gymnastics.

Doris Meier

Retail expert, sales consultant sports fashion and hardware, all-rounder. At Grubers since 2009.
Hobbies: biking, snowboarding and traveling.

Monica Tognolatti

Retail expert, specialising in consulting sports fashion and hardware, all-rounder, store window dressing, store decoration. At Grubers since 2010.
Hobbies: skiing, jogging, shopping. Mateo's mom (2014).

Cilgia Gruber

Retail expert, all-rounder in hardware / footware / sports fashion. This summer sh'e taking a timeout on the mountain hut "Munt da la Bes-cha". At Grubers since December 2013.
Hobbies: Skiing, volleyball, travelling, and hockey games of HC Davos.

Flurin Rominger

Retail expert specialising in footwear and other hardware, our specialist for personally customized skiboots and soles. At Grubers since Summer 2013.
Hobbies: Enduro mountain biking, ski, telemark, volleyball, hockey (fan HC Lugano).

Cristina Costa

Retail expert, sales consultant sports fashion, has ended her training in the Summer of 2015. At Grubers since November 2015.
Hobbies: Playing volleyball and spending time with friends.

Mario Gloor

Sporting goods consultant, head of sports equipment rentals, re-entry at Gruber after 1½ years of horizon broadening experience abroad.
Hobbies: skiing, especially off-piste in the Spring, soccer, fishing & BBQ, hiking.

Nadine Künzli

Trainee until 2018 specialising as a sales consultant in sports fashion.
Hobbies: Kickboxing, snowboarding and spending time with friends.


Trainee until 2020 specialising in hardware.
Hobbies: skiing, cornet playing, enjoys cooking, spending time with friends.