Ski and snowboard service

In good hands

In-house overnight ski and snowboard service performed by our specialists. Special care is given to young emerging ski-racers by Max, our professional service technician, with racing treatment and hand sharpened edges. We can meet any requests for specific ski and snowboard service. Bring your skis or snowboard over – here they are in good hands.

Common questions

The answer is quite simple: in order to have more fun and stay safe on the slopes. An optimal edge and base tuning gives you a smooth and secure experience on the slopes in any snow condition.

The frequency of the service depends on snow conditions, terrain and your skiing abilities. However major base or edge damage need to be repaired immediately.

Tell the service technician what your preferred skiing style and terrain is. This information allows us to precisely adapt our service to your needs. You will be able to enjoy your equipment to full its capacity.

The 5 basic steps for ski and board tuning



Top, base and edges are cleaned to remove dirt. Then the equipment is checked for damage.


Base repair

Any dings, scratches or holes are filled with coating material.


Surface grinding

The base is pre-ground and finished by stone-grinding. This is the best way to apply the optimal structure to the base. This reduces suction and friction between the base and the snow and allows the equipment to glide better.


Edge grinding

Depending on the performance level you expect from your equipment, edges are ground to a negative angle between 0 and 3 degrees. You will enjoy optimal handling and performance on the slopes.



The last step in tuning is the application of hot wax. It coats the base, protects against damage and improves the gliding and turning abilities of your equipment.

Additional service


Do you have pressure points caused by your ski boots? Our boot-fitting specialists Flurin and Max will find a solution. Whether with an insole specially adapted to you, or by processing the ski boot shell. Relief is sure to come!


Our specially trained staff will adjust the fit of your shoes in no time with special soles or individual changes. Your shoes will fit completely pain free - what a great feeling!

Tennis racket stringing

We string your rackets over night with your preferred strings and the desired tension.


Upon request we will mail your purchases or gifts to your address.

Ordering service

If we do not carry an item you desire or are temporary out of stock we will do our best to procure the item as soon as possible.

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